Head Hunter Exec Review: Warriors vs. Cavs in the NBA Finals

Some of the most excellent aspects of being a sports fan is watching teams arise from the ashes, watching their greatest players/athletes push through to help their own team win, teamwork, and wit. We saw all this come to life when we witnessed the 2018 NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. This has repeatedly for the past years been the two teams that have been ending up in the finals, and we wanted to watch to see if anything changes this time around. One of our favorite concepts about the NBA is the unpredictable atmosphere and sports mentality.

“Having a sports mentality helps most individuals succeed in their desired field. Especially in the business and marketing field, we believe that a sports mentality allows us to be different. We think like an athlete, with diligence, perseverance, and wit. These allow us to be a company that is unmatchable because we are in an arena that helps us push through challenges and become what we are,” says Mitchell Hughes, managing director of Head Hunter Exec. We admire these two NBA teams for different reasons. One team (Warriors) have the ability of teamwork, while the other team “(Cavs) have wit and one of the greatest players in the NBA. Together both teams battled for a championship, and the Warriors came on top.

We’re excited to see what NBA teams end up in the finals or do well next seasons, can they knock the Warriors off their spot of victory? This requires a tremendous amount of effort and diligence, as well as mentality. Mentality is a big part of what makes athletes great. “Take the example of Lebron James. His will to succeed and push through regardless of any loss shows how his mentality is. This is the kind of mentality we appreciate for our agents to have at Head Hunter Exec,” says Mitchell Hughes of Head Hunter Exec.









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