Head Hunters Exec Discusses Benefits of a Vibrant Company Culture

“At Head Hunters Exec we believe that ‘work hard, play hard’ is essential to a professional lifestyle, and it’s what makes our representatives want to be at our company and work here,” says Mitchell Hughes of Head Hunters Exec. Studies indicate that reps that have a positive influence and a fun environment at work that are more likely to be productive rather than those companies with the ambiance of just all work no play or incentives. Some articles even reveal that companies consistently get higher marks for just the factor of ‘fun.’ Research also portrays that it’s not hard to make a company culture fun; it’s quite inexpensive, and there are various manageable ways to make sure your environment is doing well. “At Head Hunters Exec, when we mean a ‘fun’ company culture, we mean that through positive energy. It’s energy that is cultivated through activities and good vibes,” says Mitchell Hughes of Head Hunters Exec.

At Head Hunters, we’ve noticed a difference in how our reps act when they are provided with a vibrant culture vs. a dull one. “A lively, fun workplace tends to create an educational aspect and produce efficiency without the burnout that workers face at other companies. By having simple things such as stress balls, or a little game room you’re letting your team have an outlet, and you’re creating a fun environment for them to be in,” says Mitchell Hughes of Head Hunters Exec. Respect takes the place of concern for the business owner and those that laugh together build a bond together. At Head Hunters Exec, you will see our CEO and representatives have a good laugh from time to time; this is what creates a strong professional bond.

You will instantly notice drastic differences between a dull and fun company culture! Getting out of it will be hard. It creates a lifelong effect that’s felt by everyone around the firm and even the clients. The vibes and ambiance in a fun company culture establishes a working family and builds team skills. “That’s what we believe in at Head Hunters Exec, and in short our company culture has cultivated the perfect flow, and we’re happy and excited about this,” says Mitchell Hughes of Head Hunters Exec.







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