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We operate an exclusively person orientated marketing style, lending a friendly face to established brands. We are direct marketing specialists.


A unique approach to developing suitable marketing strategies for clients.



The customers we acquire for our client receive the highest level of customer service from us and this remains one of our fundamental principles.



Through proactive analysis and continuous evaluation of our target market segments we consistently deliver exceptional results.

Forward Thinking

Forward Thinking

The ultimate challenge that we are striving towards is worldwide recognition as a bridge between the client and the customer.

How about Some Fun Facts about Head Hunters?

Approx. Customers Generated Monthly.
Percent Customer Satisfaction Rate.
Percent Dedication & Commitment.
Percent Average Increase In Revenue For Clients.

In an era of globalization we are in the process of expansion into new countries and we are set to take advantage of a new potential pool of customers for our highly focused client base. Integration into these new markets is essential to the achievement of our business objectives.

— Managing Director of Head Hunters —

Our Services

With so much clutter in the market place brands battle to stand out.


Identifying problematic situations and opportunities in an ever-evolving market allows us to provide both pragmatic solutions and innovative strategies to achieve high levels of performance for these already established but extremely ambitious clientele.

What we offer
  • Sales
  • Research
  • Experience
  • Friendly Face For Your Brand

Constant Updates

Head Hunters keeps up to date with the latest trends not just in our industry, but also in our clients industry. This way we can promote our clients brand in the most cost effective and direct manner and ensure that we stay ahead of the competition.

What we offer
  • Dedication
  • Direct Marketing
  • Brand & Identity Building
  • A Forward Thinking Mindset

Fast Results

At Head Hunters we specialise in face to face marketing and appreciate that it is important to implement direct marketing as part of your marketing mix in order to fully maximize on customer acquisition and gain impressive results, fast.

What we offer
  • Research
  • Advertising
  • Feedback & Analysis
  • In-Person Personalities

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More About Us

  • We help brands realize their scope in the market place through 3 disciplines, Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Promotional Events. We help find our clients customers and we do this by determining what who their target market is, and where are they most likely to be. Is it at work? At home or in public shopping areas? Once we have established who our clients target market is, then we can strategies from there onwards.

    — The Area's We Cover —
  • The direct marketing industry itself is quite diverse as companies can incorporate direct mail, email marketing and pop ups. Direct marketing’s signature is that it encourages a two way conversation with the brand and the customers. Head Hunters prefers adding the personal touch to brands, which is why we specialize in face to face contact as apposed to other forms of marketing.

    — The Personal Touch —


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